Make a Statement With Tile Patterns

A statement tile floor in a historic home bathroom has taken my breath away a time or two before. But that statement floor could also easily be a disaster discussion amongst the neighborhood gals. Less is more, though a clique is one I do find to be true in certain aspects.

Choosing a tile you absolutely love can be spiced up just by the way you have our skilled craftsmen lay it. Here I chose to focus on the top two tile pattern layouts we have been installing and are unquestionably here to stay!

Herringbone Tile Pattern

We are seeing a lot of this pattern being showcased on our clients bathroom backsplash and shower walls. This innovative pattern gives your tile choice flare. The kitchen backsplash is another location where it’s a big hit!

Hexagon Tile Pattern

Kitchen and bathroom floors are being hexed by the minute. It may have something to do with the compatibility it seems to have with all styles of interiors. Whether it’s classic, urban, modern, or even contemporary.

Call on CQC Home to help you decide how to make a statement with your tile patterns today!

How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

If you are ready to make the big plunge and purchase a new bathroom vanity, you’re not alone. It is one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom. But this can be a tricky task if you are not prepared.

Here are few things to help you plan before you make your final purchase.

Who is the vanity for and how will they use it? A powder room and a master bathroom for two adults require different types of vanities. A single-sink vanity can range from 12 to 60 inches in width, while a double vanity can be as wide as 72 inches. Know your space and what limitations you are working with. If it’s too tight a space, go with a pedestal.

Shopping for a child’s bathroom? Look for vanities with built-in perks like pull-out step stools or open space to slide one in.

How much storage do you need? Be realistic. Even “low-maintenance” people require space for extra towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo. Keep in mind the size of your items when hunting. The average toilet paper roll can be 5.5″, but if you shop at Costco… you will need 7″ depth to hide ‘em away.


Found the perfect faucet? Hold off on buying it until you’ve chosen the vanity. You’ll want to pick a faucet with a height and reach appropriate for the sink. See our blog all about making sure you have the right faucet.

Give us a call when you are ready and we can help you from design to build and making sure it fits the space just right!

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

There are a few things to remember when trying to decide what is going to best for your bathroom space.

1. Does your bathroom see heavy traffic? If it’s your only bathroom, opt for a function-first faucet.

2. Who uses the bathroom faucet in your home? You’ll want a faucet that’s easy to turn on and off, particularly if elderly family members or kids are regular users. Hands-free models make it a cinch. Or opt for a single-handle faucet, which makes adjusting the water temperature a snap. Imagine having to use both hands to make the water “warm” when you can barely see over the counter.

3. How deep is your sink? If you aren’t replacing the sink, this is important. We have had clients purchase a new “well-pump” style faucet only for it to shoot right off and onto the floor! A smaller bathroom sink needs smaller fixtures.

4. Picking out new countertops, too? When we are replacing your counters, knowing your faucet style ahead of time is crucial so the fabricators can drill the correct number of holes. A single hole faucet, a 4″ center, or an 8″ wide spread will all determine the final cuts made.

5. What two words describe your bathroom’s style? You’ll want to tell your salesperson at the store whether you’re aiming for industrial-chic or retro-glam. If that seems like just too much to keep up, come and see our showroom and we can help guide you through the design process!

Bathroom Shower Niche

By definition, a niche, is a hollow space in a wall.

Typically when we remodel a bathroom, we offer the idea of a shower niche. It is gaining in popularity and can be seen in nearly all of our designs. It’s purpose? To hold the many things that gather in our showers, but out of the way and not getting “rained” on. We design them to fit your style and needs. Have a lot of product? Not to worry – use the niche length wise and create the extra length needed. We have even used them in the lower section of the shower, as a “shaving niche” to store your razors and prop your foot on. How clever!

How Can a Design-Build Remodeling Company Help with My Kitchen?

Sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it is. But, NOT in this case. At CQC Home it’s simple – we design it… and then… we build it.

But why? As one of the top home remodelers in the area, have come across several things over the past decade working with architects, outside design firms, house flippers, etc. But one thing is common with them all – the person designing the space was not privy to the real-world costs to actually build the design or new floor plan.

It’s a tale as old as time. The homeowner is frustrated that the designer is not able to give build cost pricing. Or the homeowner’s scope of work is way over budget and they can’t understand why or where to cut costs. This results in a lot of back and forth, and months of struggling to find where the money is being spent, and lots of redesigning and drafting. By hiring an in-house draftsperson and designer, we at CQC Home have eliminated that frustrating step.

We provide measurements for the existing layout, give new layout options and a 3D rendering of the new space. And our selections specialist will help you to pick out the items that work for your home and your budget.

Here is a recent kitchen we worked on together. In the photos you can see the “Before”, a “3D Render” that allows the homeowner to better visualize their new space and an “After” of the completed kitchen.

We look forward to working together with you! Give us a call to set up your design consultation today.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…. Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Choosing a bathroom vanity mirror can be a daunting task. After all, you have already picked out the vanity cabinets, hardware, faucets, shower head, lighting, toilet, towel bars, tile on the floors and walls… and now mirrors!

Bathroom mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, frames (or with no frames), can be beveled or tilting. Who has the time to think of all these details? We just want to see ourselves; get our perfect quaff and move on with the day!

That is where we at CQC Home comes in. We are a design-build company. Key word “design”. We offer an in-house selection specialists and designers who work together to match your style, the period of the home, and keep to our pre-set budget.

Let us help you with all of those selections, coordinating the details. During the design phase we put everything selected into our project management system for costing, and we share 3D renderings with you so that you can get a feel for your new bathroom (or kitchen), before we commit to the build.

Give us a call to schedule your design consultation today.

Install Skylights to Brighten and Open Up Your Home

Installing skylights into your home is a very bright idea! Not only do they look beautiful, but they bring in natural lighting helping, conserve energy and brighten up any room.

The two main types of skylights that CQC Home installs are Fixed and Operable skylights. These skylights can be placed in any area of your home and help make spaces appear larger.

Adding a skylight to your kitchen or bathroom can create a different effect than a regular old window. In the winter, regular windows only catch low-angled rays from the sun. In the summer, regular windows prevent you from getting as much sunlight as possible, resulting in a dimly lit room.

If you decide to install skylights in your kitchen, there is a possibility that your cabinets can be exposed to too much sun causing your cabinets to get sun bleached. To prevent that, get a gray or bronze-tinted glass.

Let us help make your home feel bigger and look brighter today!

Brass Hardware Making a Comeback Against Navy

A few years ago brass hardware was nearly impossible to obtain. Not so these days! Brass is making a radical comeback in kitchen and bathrooms far and wide!

Navy cabinetry, whether paired with floating cabinets or a furniture piece, looks regal matched with a white countertop and polished off with brass fixtures. Add an abstract vanity mirror to tie in your personality, leaving your bathroom a topic of discussion for days, maybe even weeks!

A decade ago mixing metals was considered unstylish, even tacky. The look has come full circle and its modern appeal has been restored. Just as mismatching cabinetry in the kitchen has.

If you are not sold because brass was so prominent in the 70s, limit your brass selections to pulls or knobs. Or perhaps just your faucet. Let’s figure out this hardware together and create a bathroom or kitchen to wow you and your friends and family!

Sliding Barn Doors for Added Charm, Functionality and Value

Craftsmen meets farmhouse design. Sliding barn doors are being displayed in homes more and more, both for their distinctive look as well as their functionality.

a-master-bathroom-thats-rustic-modern-and-warm-8272Based on a two year study, research showed that keywords like “barn door” highly affected the sale of a home — selling as many as fifty-seven days faster and at a higher price point. You get added character in your home and money back. What beats that?

Let’s explore the functionality of installing a barn door. When you have a bi-fold door that swings open inside your space, it reduces your available space. With barn doors installed, you instantly gain more available space since the door glides open, parallel with the wall. Instead of doing a “door waltz”, you now have the luxury of walking in a room and having instant gratification!

See how one of our recent clients added a contemporary yet rustic feel to their home by having us install a sliding barn door for his bathroom entryway.

Rain Glass Shower Door

“Rain, rain go away!” is definitely not what our clients are saying when it comes to their selection for shower glass. With the many beautiful qualities rain glass possesses, we are finding our skilled craftsmen installing them on a regular basis.

mater-bathroom-for-all-ages-8330Dreamy Quality

Rain glass looks exactly how it sounds, like a constant rainfall on your glass. The rivets have a textured feel that is ideal for complimenting modern spaces, adding a beautiful visual contrast to the smooth surfaces in your bathroom.


Privacy is a must in the bathroom! Rain glass adds the decorative flair you desire while giving the perfect amount of concealment. From the outside looking in, it’s difficult to get a clear depiction of what’s on the other side of the glass. This is why people are cleverly using them all over their homes.

Whether you chose to use rain glass in your powder room, for your kitchen cabinets, adjacent to your front door or even in your stairwell — let CQC Home make it happen!