Ms. Linnette Pettiford is a single woman, unable to work, trying to hold onto her family home. The Durham home, built by her father in 1942, has become structurally unsafe and unlivable.

CQC Home, an award-winning Durham remodeling company, connected with Miss Linnette and offered to do two-days of repairs with the understanding that the roof leak was the primary concern.

As the first day of repairs progressed, it became quickly evident to the CQC team that there was much more to be done than had initially been determined. We knew, without a doubt that in order to make the home safe, we needed more help!

CQCHome is seeking monetary, service, and material donations to repair and rebuild Ms. Linnette’s home.

Please join CQC and Wall Town Neighborhood Ministries to keep Miss Linnette & her family in their family home! Contributions – big or small – matter tremendously! If you would like to discuss or contribute services, materials, time or gently used furniture or other household goods, please email us at All donations are tax deductible, as we are partnering with Durham’s invaluable program, Walltown Neighborhood Ministries.