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Universal Design and Appeal

Whole House


According to Professional Builders Magazine, the average age for first-time home buyers is thirty-one. This exciting and pivotal milestone merits excitement and celebration! But more often than not, asking ourselves if our new dream home will accommodate us and our family for many years to come simply doesn’t happen. We certainly don’t want to buy a house, only to realize our home can no longer adapt to our changing needs.

Letting us incorporate universal design into your home is the solution! What is universal design, you ask? Minor modifications and layouts in your home that will insure functionality and livability for years to come. Here are some features and modifications we can gladly add to your beautiful abode.

  • No-step entryway into home
  • Hand rails at all entries with steps
  • Motion sensor lights at all entries
  • All door openings with a 34″ for width minimum
  • Open floor plans
  • Low pile carpeting with level thresholds
  • Master bedroom and  laundry room on first floor
  • Front loading washer and dryer
  • Door lever handles vs. door knobs throughout home

In your kitchen alone, there are so many features we can incorporate with little changes in appearance while adding a high degree of functionality for all.

  • Microwave drawers vs. over the stove
  • Base cabinets with pullout shelves for easy reach
  • Lever handled kitchen sink faucet
  • 6-1/2″ deep basin sink
  • Retractable cabinet doors
  • Staggered countertops
  • Side-by-side refrigerator or countertop fridge
  • Accessible electrical outlets in the cabinets vs. on the walls

A basement laundry room, second floor master bedroom, jacuzzi and spiral staircase may all wow us today, but will inevitably become obstacles in our daily lives and routines. Universal design blankets everyone who passes through your doorway no matter their age, size or ability. CQC Home is skilled in providing a seamless and invisible transformation. Please connect with our award winning designer for more information.