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Pendant vs. Recessed Lighting in Kitchens


 kitchen with four pendant light fixtures

Lighting is one of the most important functional and aesthetic features in the kitchen. You need enough illumination to cook and entertain but it’s also nice to have control of the lighting to create a different ambiance. Pendant lighting fixtures and recessed lighting fixtures are two common choices for kitchen remodeling projects – for completely different reasons. If you’re wondering which one you should choose, let us help you make up your mind.

Pendant Lighting

A pendant light is a type of fixture that hangs from the ceiling, typically over a kitchen island or a large amount of counter space. This type of fixture is perfect for task lighting or controlling your kitchen’s atmosphere. Pendants can be wonderful accent lights in a large space that draws the eye while still providing function. For this updated kitchen refurbish, we placed three pendant lights over the kitchen island. We made sure the pendants had an equal amount of space between each other and were centered over the island for light while cooking on the stove. We also placed a single hanging light over the dining area that added task lighting and an elegant aesthetic to the kitchen design.

 updated kitchen with four pendant lights

 kitchen with four pendant light fixtures

Recessed Can Lighting

Flush or semi-flush mounted lighting is typically seen in hallways and smaller spaces. They are lighting fixtures that are recessed into the ceiling or are closer to the ceiling than a hanging light fixture. A flush mount lighting fixture for a kitchen works best if the space is smaller or there is a low ceiling. To avoid cooks and guests hitting their head on an accent piece, flush-mounted lights provide light while staying out of the way of the action. In this small kitchen revamp, we chose to place recessed lighting fixtures closer to the edges of the cabinets to light up the most important parts of the kitchen: the stove and the counters. The lighting fixtures may not be focal points of the kitchen, but they illuminate the small space beautifully, highlighting the blue-tiled back splash and brown marble counter tops.

 small kitchen with flush mounted lights

 kitchen with flush mount lights

Think about the space in your kitchen carefully and make sure you’re choosing the right lighting fixture to match your style. Pendant lighting might look gorgeous, but not if it’s in a small space. A kitchen recessed lighting fixture may cast light on the stove, but there may not be enough light for a large space. If you need any help with your choices, let CQC Home find you the perfect kitchen light fixture. Our team has helped homeowners in DurhamRaleighCary, and Chapel Hill with a multitude of remodeling projects. Take a look at some of our kitchen projects and whole home renovations. Trust CQC Home to help you build the home of your dreams.