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Why Now Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

The time that we are currently living is pretty surreal, isn’t it? Who would have imagined a year ago that we would be dealing with an international pandemic? Nevertheless, most of us now find ourselves trying to figure out how to adapt and overcome while facing COVID-19. While many adults have switched to working from … Continued

Top 10 Interior Color Trends In Raleigh

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference for a room. It can also make or break a good remodel design. Paint is inexpensive and you can always paint over it if you change your mind. However, we recommend thinking carefully through your paint selection. Choosing the right paint color is an … Continued

4 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen for 2020

Covid-19 has been devastating for families all across our nation. Like many others, Durham has been on house arrest for some time now. Everyone is trying to manage their time wisely and stay busy the best way we know how. We wanted to share some ideas on how to get busy being productive around the … Continued

What is the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, there are plenty of things to think about. What kind of countertops do you want? What cabinet color should you pick? Do you want a gas stove or electric range top? One of the more recent topics of discussion when it comes to kitchen design also happens to … Continued

Conceptual Design Phase

Design Build firms provide tremendous value to potential remodelers. By keeping the design and construction within the same team communication is constant. This keeps cost in check preventing a design that just does not fit the projects budget. While also being able to change specific areas of the design to get the most bang for … Continued

Covid 19 Crisis: Important Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen

You could be spreading harmful bacteria to your food and family. How Clean Is Your Kitchen? Wash Hands for 20 seconds with warm soapy water, be sure to wash the backs of your hands too. Using hot soapy water, clean all surfaces: Cabinet faces, countertops, handles, appliances, cutting boards, and utensils. Wash dish towels in … Continued

COVID 19 Crisis Tips for Remodeling

Our priority here at CQC Home is to ensure the health and safety of our customers and team. With the latest news and guidelines from both the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is imperative that we flatten the curve. This means reduce the spread … Continued

Top 5 Neighborhoods In Raleigh That Have Seen The Most Renovations

Raleigh, NC is consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 cities to live in throughout the US. The capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh is bustling with job prospects, a lively dining and nightlife scene, plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun. In the greater Raleigh area, or Wake County, lots of new homes are … Continued

2020 Trends: Built-In Seating For Your Kitchen

One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is custom banquette seating. Not only is it efficient and convenient, it feels cozy and inviting.  A kitchen nook with a built-in bench is the perfect place for weeknight dinners, lazy Sunday brunches or 2 a.m. chats with old friends. If you are wondering how you can … Continued

Insta-Worthy Bathroom Designs

A bathroom remodel is on the top of the wish list for many homeowners. Not only does having a well-designed and updated bathroom provide a perfect place to start and end your day, but it also adds value to your home. If you are looking for inspiration, check out these Insta-worthy bathroom designs with plenty … Continued

Kitchen Designs Sure To Give You #kitchengoals

A swoon-worthy kitchen is something we all dream about. Whether that means shiplap and a farm sink, or an ultra-modern, minimalist design, there is no shortage of ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some amazing kitchen designs that will give you #kitchengoals. Kitchen Color Palettes We Love The colors that you … Continued

When Is It Time To Add On To Your Home?

There are all sorts of reasons to consider planning a home addition. Maybe you are expecting a baby, or have an elderly parent moving in. Maybe you are just tired of sharing a bathroom with your entire family of five. Regardless of the reason, adding space to your home is a big decision that can … Continued