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2020 Trends: Built-In Seating For Your Kitchen

One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is custom banquette seating. Not only is it efficient and convenient, it feels cozy and inviting.  A kitchen nook with a built-in bench is the perfect place for weeknight dinners, lazy Sunday brunches or 2 a.m. chats with old friends. If you are wondering how you can … Continued

Insta-Worthy Bathroom Designs

A bathroom remodel is on the top of the wish list for many homeowners. Not only does having a well-designed and updated bathroom provide a perfect place to start and end your day, but it also adds value to your home. If you are looking for inspiration, check out these Insta-worthy bathroom designs with plenty … Continued

Kitchen Designs Sure To Give You #kitchengoals

A swoon-worthy kitchen is something we all dream about. Whether that means shiplap and a farm sink, or an ultra-modern, minimalist design, there is no shortage of ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some amazing kitchen designs that will give you #kitchengoals. Kitchen Color Palettes We Love The colors that you … Continued

When Is It Time To Add On To Your Home?

There are all sorts of reasons to consider planning a home addition. Maybe you are expecting a baby, or have an elderly parent moving in. Maybe you are just tired of sharing a bathroom with your entire family of five. Regardless of the reason, adding space to your home is a big decision that can … Continued

The Top Home Renovations For 2019

Are you ready to give your kitchen that farmhouse makeover you have been dreaming about? Or maybe transform your backyard into a chic, spa-like retreat? If you are looking for home improvement ideas, it’s best to first consider which projects will add the most value to your house. As the year draws to a close, … Continued

5 Ways To Stay On Budget With Your Renovation

Making improvements to your home can be a fun and exciting process. Whether it’s a top to bottom remodel, a kitchen revamp or taking on that dated guest bathroom, it is easy to go over budget. With the right planning, you can get exactly what you want, keep it stress-free and avoid breaking the bank. … Continued

Make Your Master Bathroom A Retreat

Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe place where you can unwind and forget the stresses of your busy day, and this certainly includes your master bath. After all, it is probably the first place you go when you wake up in the morning, and the last place you will be before heading to … Continued

Shower Designs To Make You Forget About Tubs

It seems like just about every new home is built with a large soaking tub these days and they can be a stunning fixture to any bathroom setting. But, what if you are not a sit and soak kind of person? Instead of having a large tub take up space in your master bath, what … Continued

Fresh Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Brighten up your kitchen with fresh, new countertops. You want your kitchen countertops to be functional yet stylish, but you also want that style to complement and enhance the design of the rest of your house. Check out these popular trends and kitchen counter decorating ideas that can bring a fresh look and feel to … Continued

7 Home Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home Value

You’ve had your home for a year or two and it’s time for some updates. Do you know which home remodeling projects will increase your home value? Even if you’re not looking to sell your house right now, it can be excellent future planning for when that time comes. We took some time to see … Continued

Design Trends in Deck Renovations

If outdoor living is important to you, you’re likely interested in having a beautiful and functional deck. CQC Home helps customers achieve a durable and quality new wood deck based off of our quality deck designs. Some of the most popular deck designs help improve the style and usability of your outdoor living space. Contrasts in Materials Mixing decking materials is a great way to make a visually … Continued

3 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrades

Your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, but you’re on a budget. No need to change the square foot size of the bathroom or completely gut the plumbing. There are a few easy design tips to freshen up your bathroom that won’t break the bank, like changing your shower curtain, updating the countertop, or … Continued