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5 Gorgeous Backsplash Trends

We love to help homeowners showcase their personal style and creativity through the design choices that they make. When it comes to the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite ways to make a statement in a kitchen is with a unique backsplash. Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or just looking … Continued

Top 4 Tile Providers In Raleigh

When it comes to choosing the right tile for an interior or exterior remodeling project, the options are seemingly endless. That’s why we have worked hard to establish close relationships with the best tile providers in Raleigh who can provide our clients with unparalleled products and expertise. These specialists understand that our clients want high-quality … Continued

Remodeling Fails That Will Cost More Than You Bargained For

With a record number of people at home for extended periods of time in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, home remodeling projects became a popular way to pass the time. DIY home improvement projects can be rewarding, but many people often do not realize what they are signing up for when it comes to … Continued

Live Wood Countertops: Are they worth the investment?

Wood countertops are beautiful and opting to have that rugged live edge can add a unique aesthetic to your kitchen, but wood countertops do take a bit of maintenance to keep them in prime condition. So, are they worth the time and money that goes into them? The answer to that question is really up … Continued

Exterior Home Renovations

Exterior home renovations add curb appeal to your home. Depending on how you choose to change the exterior of your house, renovations can also add equity and increase resale value. There is no shortage of lovely older homes in the Raleigh area that are just waiting for an update. At CQC Home, we often meet … Continued

Historic Home Makeovers

In the Raleigh area, there is no shortage of charming and beautiful historic homes. From the quaint bungalows of Glenwood to the majestic estates of Hayes Barton, to the meticulously maintained homes of Historic Oakwood, there are many unique and amazing properties. With passion and attention to detail, renovating a historic home can be a … Continued

Family-Friendly Home Renovations

If spending more quality time at home with your family has made you realize that your house could use some improvements in order to better suit your needs, you are not alone. Currently, homeowners are increasingly focused on finding new and creative ways to maximize their space. Whether that means expanding a living space to … Continued

Are Home Renovations Tax Deductible?

If you are considering a home renovation project, you have no doubt also begun to consider the various related financial implications and any pros and cons to renovating your home. For instance, you may be wondering if your home renovation project will be tax-deductible. The answer to this question varies and it is always best … Continued

What To Expect At Our First Meeting

What To Expect At Our First Meeting At our first meeting we will have the opportunity to “get to know one another.” We want to listen to your needs, desires and expectations and we want you to feel comfortable in asking us questions as well. It’s a good idea to have all the decision-makers present … Continued

Tile Floor Trends For Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are no doubt one of the most popular home renovations that we work with clients on. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you might want to look into one of the latest flooring trends that we are seeing here in the Raleigh area: tile floors! Tile flooring in the kitchen is … Continued

Countertop Providers & Kitchen Renovations

If you have been dreaming of a new kitchen renovation, it is more than likely that countertops are high on your wishlist. Countertop options can be somewhat overwhelming as there are lots of different materials and finishes to choose from. Whether you want granite countertops, marble, quartz, butcher block, or perhaps cement, choosing the right … Continued