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Durham Remodeling Company Reaches Kenya


 Durham reaches out

CQC loves creating better spaces, better quality of life and better communities whether right here in Durham or abroad in the deserts North of Nairobi, Kenya.I know…I know. “Kenya?” you ask. YES Kenya! is the short answer….and Uganda (but that’s a different blog post).

 Durham reaching out

The tribe in Kenya we are reaching out to

A more in depth response is that we have a ministry partner there named John Kellogg. He is the Executive Director of a North Carolina-based ministry started by his father called Kingdom Living Now (KLN). It’s their mission to bring the practical love of Jesus to those in need. He does this in a way that is really unique and so logical! Many ministries seek to change the culture and circumstances in Africa by attempting to Westernize their civilization. KLN, however, seeks to partner with pastors who are Kenyans, born and raised. By partnering with these great souls, he skirts around many cultural barriers and distinctions and gains access to areas unreachable by Westerners to date.

Consider the Samburu tribe that live in the desert north of Maralal. People who live in the slums of Nairobi call this tribe “The Wild People”. Nomadic herdsmen is a better description similar to the Masai Tribe many of you are familiar with

 Durham reaches out

The herdsman from Kenya – unreached until now

Pretty cool right?! So how does CQC play into to this? Glad you asked. There are parts of Kenya that are fairly modern. There are parts of Kenya that are very rugged and in order to get to these rugged areas a certain type of transportation is needed…transportation that can traverse areas that don’t meet the standards of our modern highways and byways.

Enter the CQC Motorcycle:

 Reaching Africa

CQC Africa’s Best Transportation

With this motorcycle John and his ministry partner, Reverend Jama, were able to enter the semi-arid no man’s land where many of the locals are unwilling to travel. While there he was able to minister to the often forgotten wild people, including treating this little girl’s 2nd-3rd degree burns with a bandana and some honey (he was also a trained EMT in a former life).

 Reaching out to help

Sweet little smile despite the pain

 reaching to help

Little girls 3rd degree burns and still smiling

There are so many things that John is doing in these communities and it really is too much to detail in one blog post. Starting schools, developing family programs for orphans, repairing crumbling mud hut homes for destitute widows, creating an entrepreneurship program for those looking for a better quality of life, helping the women in the fish markets of Usenge break free from the slavery of Jaboya (a form of prostitution in which the women exchange sex for the best fish to sell), stemming the tidal wave of AIDS that results from the practice of Jaboya which then leads to fewer destitute widows and fewer orphans….the list goes on and on and on.

 Kenya's family time

John’s love is growing our CQC family across the world

We at CQC are committed to John Kellogg, Kindgom Living Now, and the work set before him. If this mission is something that touches your heart and are interested in more info, please contact us or John directly at…..or support him indirectly by having us remodel you kitchen! HA!

Stay tuned for more happenings! “CQC Luxury Mud Hut Homes Kenya” and KLN are helping out a couples of widows with crumbling houses. We should have updates in February!