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Durham Home Remodeling Company to raise awareness for Breast Cancer


CQC, a Durham home remodeling company, is always looking for ways to give back to our community. Owner of CQC, Kenneth Combs, was inspired by Mr. Rosati and his dreams to start a foundation, He too wanted to make the city he was born and raised in a better place. And so our first CQC benefit was to bring awareness to ALS

Since this first major event, CQC has been apart of many successful events all around Durham. Just this year… The events included raising awareness for leukemia research, the National MS society, a CQC liver disease poker event, helping to renovate the Durham Youth center, and hosting a 30 random acts of kindness challenge and now CQC wants to be apart of helping to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

We all know someone, have a friend, or family member who knows someone who’s life has been affected by this terrible disease. When thinking of what event, maybe a marathon or a 5k run we could be apart of, we came up with a new idea. Shane, one of the superintendents with CQC, wanted to be apart of raising awareness for breast cancer. And what better month than October!

CQC recently had a logo change.

Brandon from CQC said “It sparks up a lot of conversations” Brandon, is the client representative and is often looking for ways to reach out in the community, “People like the logo and think it’s a neat design, and want to know what company it is”. He went on to say that he has actually had a few people ask to buy a hat…

That is where the idea was born. With the help from The stitch doctor on Hillsboro rd. in Durham, we designed a new hat using our new company logo, but in the pink ribbon color. We have also added a pink ribbon on the back of the hat. The hat is a one size fits all snap back. We are currently offering it in two colors, black or white. The owner of The Stitch Doctor, David, wanted to help with such a great cause and has donated the first 6 hats! So tell all your family and friends you have found a way to donate towards research for finding a cure!

The hats are $20 each. With ALL profits going towards to Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation right here in Durham! Get yours today and help support a great cause!