Declare Freedom from Kitchen Clutter

Storage – Organization

Keeping your kitchen neat and orderly is possible. Here are some ways our designers have used to get the clutter and chaos under control. Declare freedom from kitchen clutter, using a cabinetry insert as much as possible, it’s a sure fire way to keep it tidy in any size space.
Check out these options available
Whether it be a cabinetry insert mechanism that brings it down for easy reach-

easy reach cabinet insert

  • Chrome plated shelves
  • Gas-assist mechanism assists in raising and lowering unit
  • Pulls out 14-3/4″ and lowers 10″
  • Includes locking arm feature that holds shelf in down position for complete accessibility

Or something that helps to bring those heavy appliances up, like using a cabinetry insert mixer lift – 

mixer lift insert

  • (1) Heavy Duty Mixer Lift (Assist) System & (1) 3/4″x18″x21″ Maple Shelf Platform
  • Easily bring a large mixer (kitchen appliance) up to 60 lbs., to counter height for ease of use.
  • Spring Loaded System w3 Tension Settings to Gently Bring Small Appliances to Counter Height
  • Full height cabinet required w NO drawer above to function properly

These little devices can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your space organized. Here are a few more ideas to keep in mind when thinking about getting your kitchen clutter under control.

A tall pantry cabinet with pull-out trays –

Pull out Pantry Shelving

  • Shelf Holds up to 100 lbs.
  • Built with Dovetail Construction
  • Birch box with Metal Glides

Using the end space in the island for all those cookbooks – 

Bookend Cabinetry

With hidden cabinetry insert trash and recycle bins –

Double Trash Can Insert

  • (2) Double Trash can size: 35 qt.
  • Built with Dovetail Construction
  • Under-mount Drawer Glides

Let CQC Home install this helping hand while we renovate your kitchen!

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