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Chic Shower Bliss on a Budget


We’ve all seen those ultra luxurious shower commercials with the oh-so costly looking shower heads, right? We watch, thinking to ourselves… “It would be nice to enjoy a spa-like experience everyday. If only I could afford it!” Guess what? Your shower head prayers have been answered. We have the highlights of a showering fixture that you can get multiple functions from, that’s good looking and budget friendly!


This style of showering allows you to:

  • Select a fixed shower head (i.e. rain head, shower head, high pressure, etc.).
  • Included is a handshower adjacent to the fixed shower head.
  • A diverter valve is conveniently located on the shower column to easily switch from the shower head and the handshower.
  • No hassle or expense of in-wall plumbing required!

Just when you thought the plastic, single nozzle shower head in your grandma’s shower would be all you could afford in your bathroom remodel, we have a great solution for you! This shower column is gracing many of our clients’ showers — from open to fixed budgets!