Add a Convenient Pot Filler Over Your Stove

The density of water is a bit over eight pounds per gallon. Bet you have said to yourself “Sheesh, how heavy is this pot?” as you’re struggling to get from the sink to the stove. Just imagine the struggle as you’re preparing a meal that requires four different pots be used simultaneously. That’s equivalent to a mini work out!


CQC Home can solve this reoccurring problem by installing a pot filler over your stove. Granted, having a pot filler over your stove doesn’t save you the trip to dump the remaining hot water in a sink. The silver lining there is that so much of the water will have evaporated, making the pot substantially lighter than when you started the dish! Nonetheless, the purpose the pot filler serves can make a real difference in an active kitchen with a regular turnaround of water-filled pots.

Let CQC Home install this helping hand while we renovate your kitchen!