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3 tips for Winterizing your Home on a Budget


If you have lived in North Carolina for at least one year, then you are aware of it’s unpredictable weather pattern.

But if your new to the great state of N.C – Welcome and be prepared for everyday to be a guess for the weather pattern. In one week you may hit the highs of 70 and a low of below freezing at 30!

We want to help you winterize your home as best you can with some budget friendly options!

1.) Don’t let the pipes freeze! That is a real thing, it’s not just in the movies. So, protect your pipes!

More often then not, we hear about someone’s pipes bursting when they thaw out an their basement or crawlspace has flooded… the culprit 9 times out of 10 – the hose!

 frozen pipe

 hose bibb

Don’t let this be your next big project. A simple hose bibb will protect you!

2. Ceiling Fans! Who knew that a summer saver could work for your winter budget as well?

Turn your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction, so that they push the warm air that rises to your ceiling back down. A simple change of direction to help keep the heat, and it’s free!

 Ceiling Fan Direction Change

3. Stopping the cold at the door.

It may seem obvious or perhaps too simple, but it works! Usually these can run anywhere from $7-$15 for a door.

 Frost King Draft Stop

If your not ready to start shelling out the moolah, simply use a towel rolled up.

If your looking for more great ideas or need to have your home winterized by a professional please feel free to give us a call, we can send over our list to get you ready for this winter!